a sense of space

With fond memories of my own childhood trips to Science World, this project is my homage to exhibition design. Inspired by a visit to the Gordon Southam Observatory, I borrowed themes and artifacts from my experience there including the rounded walls, dashboard like surfaces, and focus on the telescope.

Spirit of Place

Looking through the telescope creates an intimate and personal experience contrasted on the opposite wall with a perspective inducing diagram of the scale of planets in our own solar system.

Dark walls, high ceilings, and narrow openings into the exhibit space became other design decisions contributing to the sense of space and spirit of place.

1:24 scale model

Focusing the Content

One of the first challenges faced was filtering content. Knowing the average attention span of a museum visitor and amount of text they will read focused the content on the invention and development of the telescope.

Understanding the flow of visitors and the ability for them to enter the space from either direction made it mandatory to create a logical flow in content. From one direction it's chronological, past to present. From the other it talks about technology and how far we've come before mentioning its humble origins.

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