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CloseQuickly is a Vancouver based start-up focusing on asset management for sales and marketing. They help mid-sized companies deliver resources through structured playbooks that are aligned with each client's unique sales processes. I had the privilege of working with them to develop their online presence and design their web application.

Landing Page

Working from their pitch deck, I used the content to design their landing page, The main page conveys their values as a company and the results clients can expect from signing up for their services.

The main objective of the page is to funnel new clients to either their sales portal sign up or their sales playbook trial.

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Playbook Page

This secondary page was designed to offer a trial version of their customized playbook service. It describes in detail the features of the service that CloseQuickly provides.

Responsive Design & Analytics

With the intention of promoting their company at a conference,  many of their users would be accessing the site on their phones. The website was designed to be responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Traffic to the website is also monitored with Google Analytics and Hotjar to provide feedback and data that helps improve the design.

Web Application Experience

After researching CloseQuickly's target clients and learning their user's objectives, I mapped out a user flow for their application.

I continued to design by working through the information architecture, and eventually creating wireframes. As they had a developer on staff, I collaborated with him to annotate the wireframes so that the back-end development could start as quickly as possible.

I collaborated with CloseQuickly's in-house designer, passing on to him my wireframes. Continuing the design process, he created all the mockups in order to keep the entire design cohesive to their brand.

**final image is not my design**

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