a crowdsourced constitution

The world has changed since the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was written in 1982; even more so since our original constitution in 1867. They don’t account for the rise of technology, the internet, increased globalization, different political movements, and environmental concerns. Our aim is to create civic engagement with a public discussion on our priorities as Canadians. The world and society has changed since 1982– should the Canadian Constitution?

Partnered with the ECUAD DESIS Lab.
Supervised by Gillian Russel and Craig Badke.

A collaborative project with Nancy Tseng, Kathryn Louie, Aimy Qi, Cindy Nachareun, and myself.

Democracy by Design

The public workshop was held April 9, 2018 at the šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square in downtown Vancouver.

What should be a fundamental right in the 21st century?

We asked the question to those around us and received incredible and varied answers including:

- the right to net neutrality
- the right to a living wage
- the right to own our data
- the right to a clean environment
- the right to transparency in the funding and agenda's of our politicians
- the right to be digitally forgotten
- the right to education
- the right to medical care
- the right to die (doctor assisted suicide)
- rights for ecosystems and non-human species


Critical to a sense of professionalism, we created various assets including logos, stickers, name-tags, and fliers for our workshop.

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